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Zombie Outbreak Hideout #263

We saw this on eyje.com, where it is claimed that these are forts built in the Thames during WWII to fend off (the possibly zombie) German navy.
Raemo says:

According to Max Brooks, author of ‘World War Z: A History of the Zombie War’ first contact with the un-dead actually occurred in China on a lake that had been flooded by that county’s reckless dam building. If that’s the case I’m not sure I’d feel 100% safe sitting atop my little pelagic ocean perch. But then, I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as a salt water zombie v. the fresh water variety.

DaveB adds:

According to the Zombie Survival Guide, off shore structures (preferable oil rigs) are the safest place to ride out the Zombie Apocalypse. Zombie can float if they are decomposing but they can’t swim or climb ladders. The only way you could be attacked at these structures would be to be swarmed by ten of tousands of zombies on the bottom of the ocean that eventually (chaotically) stack on top of each other to allow access. But that’s just crazy because zombies aren’t real yet.

But JosiahQ warns:

In World War Z zombies could walk/survive under water, and could climb up chairs/posts. The cleanup of underwater zombies continued for decades after the conclusion of the Zombie War.


  • Nov 3rd 201000:11
    by pretend industries

    the oil rig would be safe in the instance you made it to one and or worked on one and knew how to run it. otherwise i would suggest the more likely and possibly safer high school or airforce base.


  • Feb 10th 201119:02
    by Rodger

    Well, you have to remember few basic thing about survival strategies; maintenance, service and upkeep.
    Where you will get the food to wait possible a several years of constant siege and you surely will not be the only one to think those places for shelter.
    What about wandering marauders and other criminals looking for shelter too?
    Face it people. In case of a Z-head outbreak, we will all be royally screwed. 🙂

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