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The Madness of Star Wars Inconsistency

In response to an io9 post about Return of the Jedi facts, user bangishotyou points out the  frustrating inconsistency of George Lucas with this thought of how an alternate future would play out:

Also, Lucas clarified that a “Jedi Master” like Yoda is different from a Jedi Knight,” because “he’s a teacher, not a real Jedi.” And Yoda is like a Guru, who “doesn’t go out and fight anybody.” And Yoda wouldn’t be any good in a fight, against someone like Darth Vader.

Fast forward decades later and Lucas, the writing master that he is, goes back on something he previously stated about something he previously created.

More on this breaking news at 11. Now back to Ollie for the weather.

If I ever get serious about my writing and create a universe and fill it with marvelous characters that people love, I’m gonna pull a Lucas. I will change the rules literally at random from book to book. I will give definitive interviews on the characters and universe I’ve created and ended them with, “Everything I just said is set in stone. I won’t change a thing.” Then I’d go and change every single goddamn thing and when called out on it I’d stroke my handlebar mustache (cause I’ll grow one by then just for this next part) and say, “I get what you’re saying, but these are my creations. Those set in stone things I said before, I was high when I said them! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a lunch with Michael Bay. Those characters you love? Oh yeah. We are gonna do horrible, horrible things to them. Because we can.” And then I’d do a backflip off the interview chair while laughing maniacally and dash off into the night. (Because I also control time at this point and an exit as random as that deserves to be done under the cover of darkness.)

Kasdan responded: “I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t believe it; I am in shock.”

This sounds like a voice of reason. A person who would have fit right in with the rest of us after seeing The Phantom Menace.

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