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Space Invader. The untold story

Based on a true story

I made you a special team

Beautiful Summer Day


The most 90s picture there is

will smith playing Nintendo in Nikes

Realistic Video Game Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

From the artist:

The biggest challenge about this one was, that the original Sonic looks everything but realistic. He is so stylized, that it’s hard to tell if he is a hedgehog at all. This made it hard to find a middle course between the initial design and the look of a real hedgehog.

If I would stick to much to the original it wouldn’t look pretty realistic, but if I would get to close to the actual animal one wouldn’t be able to identify him as Sonic.

This was challenging, but also the most interesting part about doing this picture. Until the final design Sonic went thru several revisions.

In the end I decided to give him a color-pattern that resembles a West European Hedgehog but facial proportions that stick to Sonic himself. His white gloves and the red shoes he kept as another link to the original, but the shoes underwent a little redesign. In addition his body looks like that of a runner, making it more believable that he can run at such high speeds.

Finally I did a little old-school pixel-graphic of how a realistic Sonic would look like in one of the old games.

Again the whole picture was painted using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and my Wacom Intuos3 Pen Tablet. No filters or any other stuff like that, just a round brush (mostly pressure-sensitive) and a little bit of the smudge tool. I also tried to keep the numbers of layers as low as possible and reduced them to the background-layer, if I could.

Keeping my means simple and do everything manual gives me more control over what I do and the image gets a more picturesque look instead of the typical Photoshop look.

realistic Bowser (king koopa)
King Koopa (Bowser)

Canceled WoW account tantrum remix

A great internet hoax has thousands fooled into thinking its real by claiming the footage shown is a meltdown of one little brother after his mom canceled his World of Warcraft account…

Standard Remix:

the Chicken dance remix!

*Favorite* – Super Mario Bros Remix! turns out he just got an invincivility star and was trying to get points. who can blame him? Princess Peach is at stake!

This is what happened when she canceled his Donkey Kong account (because those, eh…exist):


Drunk Japanese Guy Narrates Mario Land

Giant mushrooms? Killer turtles? This guy must be wasted. Or on level 3.

20 minutes & 200 clips of SNES & Genesis Games

Names of the tunes used in this video –

International Karate
Comic Bakery
Last Ninja – The Palace

All by Instant Remedy (the album name is Instant Remedy as well).

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Inovations in Gaming! circa 1990

A look at the Genesis on the tv show the Computer Chronicles. The GeneWHATchusay?? It’s a new video game console competing with Nintendo! It’s better than playing games on a computer because all the power in the machine is for gaming speed and quality only. Woot! or not woot cuz woot hasn’t been invented yet, but definitely HORRAY! This fresh cool device is no Super Mario bullshit. hoooo-no. The characters are bigger and can actually talk with digitized voices! Where as in the lame-o 90’s you were stuck playing as an Italian plumber jumping on walking mushrooms, NOW you can become Michael Jackson and moonwalk your way into gangster hideouts to kick but with flair as you save kidnapped children and win them as prizes. HE he heeee! Just look at how detailed the backgrounds are. Why, those numbers of bricks in that wall are practically uncountable!

If that kind of thing aint your bag though, hoooold on, cuz we gotz Mickey bay-beeee! that’s right. Mickey fucking MOUSE. Suck on THAT NintenDONT. This game has brilliantly colorful blue doors and air humping action and – WHOAH! whats that? lolz!! Mickey lost his balance on the edge of that cliff. Bra-vo Sega Genesis. Bra. vah vickitidy bing bang VO…

Pinball Quest for NES