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Most Censored Game

Awkward morning

Lamp crotch illusion not revealed

Optical Illusion Lamp Pictures, Images and Photos

Sex in movies, real life & between women


What men think vs what they say

A tale of a couple in bed. the truth, the anticipated negative reaction, the lie, the positive reaction…

mens thoughts and fantasies

Fruits of Lust

How gay sex can produce offspring

Gay sex – in beetles, at least – gives males a chance to indirectly fertilize females they may never encounter directly says NewScientist.

Homosexual copulations are common in insects, where they pose the same conundrum as in mammals: what evolutionary advantage, if any, might such apparently fruitless activity provide?

Over the years, biologists have proposed a range of explanations. Homosexual activity might, for example, help males practise for straight sex, or they might offer males a way to assert dominance over one another.

Although we don’t know why they spelled “practice” with an “s” instead of a “c”, we DO find their video of homosexual beetle porn to be…fun:

Catchphrase dirty minds

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, as anyone in the US is, here is the opening of it where we see people trying to CATCH… PHRASES… HAAA…… ya….