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Can I Keep You?

Casper was creepy-Emo before it was cool.

The Correct Response to the Twilight Love Premise

Edward Cullen: I want to kill you.

Bella: I trust you.

————————— vs ———————————–

Edward Cullen: I want to kill you.

Normal Person:

Another Christmas…Alone

The Girl Paradox

The Wardrobe

Video Dating Montage

While I was Away

During the Summer of 2007, I had the opportunity to backpack around Europe for 2 weeks. I talked about it often before I left. My girlfriend however, although great in many respects, was not the world’s greatest listener. I left on Friday June 1st. Despite even calling her to say goodbye the night before, she never realized I left. When I arrived home 2 weeks later, I had several emails from her, waiting in my inbox…

What men think vs what they say

A tale of a couple in bed. the truth, the anticipated negative reaction, the lie, the positive reaction…

mens thoughts and fantasies

How not to get your girlfriend back

lost: love of my life