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Charlie Chaplin swinger mix

Music taken from the re-release of various Chaplin silent films after sound had been introduced to movies.

Star Wars / Airwolf Rebels

Star Trek as The A-Team

Star Wars / Airwolf Imperial

Darth Vaders southern days

Torn by good & evil and an incestuous love affair, a lonely and depraved Darth Vader has a nervous breakdown

Star Wars / Dallas opening

Star Wars Macgyver Opening

One Night In Lazy Town Bangkok

Bang Bang Bang

Download the music here:

Mary’s Magic

Composed entirely of small sounds recorded from ‘The Secret Garden’, ‘Mary’s Magic’ is an ambient track I’ve had in the pipeline for a number of weeks now. I’m pleased to say it’s finished at last, and I’m most satisfied with how it’s turned out. Download the MP3 here.