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Can you spot what’s odd about this pack of shoe laces?

This pack of shoelaces only shows pictures of shoes that do not require laces.

Turn your shower into your Facebook profile

Never log off again… the only problem is that no one in America says “wash basin” so that part is kindov weird to us.

BUY YOURS HERE! ~ $22.00 (not bad)

Message in a Bottle

modern version

Every childs dream come true:

We can finally shave the baby

7 Deadly Sins Wine Glasses

Expensive AND virtually unusable, yet so very awesome.

Did they get the idea from Futurama?

Cookie Dunker Cup

Must have

What Happened?

Never have to answer it again…

Eyeball poke cup

Most Awkward chair ever

And yet, when it comes to ergonomic design: allegedly the LEAST awkward chair ever… Benefits of divided Salli saddle chair seat explained (FINALLY!):

Butt wipe extender: Buy yours today

Is there REALLY a market for devices to aid in the butt wiping process? Enough to justify an infomercial? of COURSE. Holding Toilet Paper In Your Hand Is “Really Archaic And Disgusting” – Amen to that!