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Pogo Alice Remix, remixed

This is the music video for the Pogo Music remix of Alice and Wonderland, but with a different soundtrack underneath.


Pogo – Go out and love someone

White Magic

Video for my track ‘White Magic’, made using sounds recorded from the film ‘The Sword In The Stone’.
Download the MP3 here


Video for my track ‘Anna’, composed using sounds recorded from the 1956 film ‘The King & I’. Download the MP3

Bang Bang Bang

Download the music here:


This piece is composed of sounds from the Spielberg classic film ‘Hook’, a sine wave bass, and a few cymbals for extra spice.

Music only version:

Alice in Wonderland remix

Aan electronic piece composed using sounds recorded from the Disney film ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

Mary’s Magic

Composed entirely of small sounds recorded from ‘The Secret Garden’, ‘Mary’s Magic’ is an ambient track I’ve had in the pipeline for a number of weeks now. I’m pleased to say it’s finished at last, and I’m most satisfied with how it’s turned out. Download the MP3 here.


Video for my track ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’. The track is composed of a sine wave bass, original percussion, and sounds recorded from the candy man scene in ‘Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory’.