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Reacting to his New Girlfriend

When I heard he got a girlfriend:

When I saw what she looked like:

Can I Keep You?

Casper was creepy-Emo before it was cool.


aw shucks…

Things you do for love love love

Pogo – Go out and love someone

Man Seeks Love

After years of disastrous chat-up lines and a drought of girlfriends, Adam embarks on a journey into the world of online dating.

Combining modern illustration, three-dimensional elements and photography, Man Seeks is an animation about an average 20-something male who resorts to online dating after years of struggling to charm the opposite sex.

Love is simple

Don’t be afraid you’re already dead Akron/Family Love is simple

One of these things is not like the other

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What men think vs what they say

A tale of a couple in bed. the truth, the anticipated negative reaction, the lie, the positive reaction…

mens thoughts and fantasies

How not to get your girlfriend back

lost: love of my life