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Heartbreak Scissors

A good job deserves a button

PLOT TWIST: This is actually a crappily redrawn rendition of this simpler 3 panel comic:

Proposal story turns into a “choose your own adventure” ending

For some reason, this gentleman uploaded a long description of his proposal story with his picture of it to an image hosting website. The problem is that the site is not made for story telling in text form, it is made for uploading and sharing images. Thus, his description was cut off in the title and the commenters had a good time continuing what they decided he meant, ultimately ruining or perfecting (depending on your perspective) his nice story.

Nerd Love Note

Valentines Money


Hand heart monster

Love You Signing

its official

Intergalactic Love

May I ask for your Han in marriage?
jk. just trying to get Lea’d

but I WILL love you till the Endor time.
or till Darth do us part.



For love

In Love with Illusion

The dream of many.