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Japanese girls write english numbers

Seal Hat Polar Bear Attack

The TV Show

Hyper disco dance party

Giga Pudding

Giga Pudding promo video from Takara Tomy.
Giga Pudding is kit to make bucket pudding.

Japanese laughing machine lols

Magic for a Monkey

Japanese (of course) magician performs tricks for a stunned and confused monkey that is all “whoah, wait, wtf?? how did you DO that??” and then is all “aaaaaah, idk, ur so fkkn crazy” and gives people hugs.

Don’t Ram the Boobs

Basically, this is what the classic board game Operation would be like if it were a Japanese game show that involved breasts. It’s brilliant.

Unhappy Cats Play Dress Up

Drunk Japanese Guy Narrates Mario Land

Giant mushrooms? Killer turtles? This guy must be wasted. Or on level 3.