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High School Reactions

You see your best friend

You see the girl who thinks she’s your best friend

You see the girl you never got along with

You see the girl that chopped her hair off

Then you tell your best friend about them

You see the “popular girl”

You see your favorite teacher

You see the couple making out by the lockers

You see the “new student”

But it turns out they’ve been in your grade since preschool

You see “him”

Then you see his new girlfriend

High School Girls

There’s the sluts who think they’re really hot:

Then there is the overly-sensitive, dramatic girls that will cry over anything:

The stuck up girls that think they’re better than everyone else:

Then there is the girls who are always hyper and annoying:

Then we have the fake girls. The one’s that will be nice to your face but talk about you behind your back:

And I’m just there like:

Reacting to his New Girlfriend

When I heard he got a girlfriend:

When I saw what she looked like:

Dancers Timeline

you’re saying in your head…

on your way to the middle of the dance floor…

people looking at you like…

& you’re still at it like…

finishing move…

who’s fucking with you & your moves ?

nobody .

Creepin on Facebook Cuties

You know how like, when you see a hot guy on Facebook? and you go through their pictures like:

then you hit that one picture he has with a girl and you’re like:

so you rush desperately to his info section to see if he’s taken like:

and then you see this:

and you’re like:

The Correct Response to the Twilight Love Premise

Edward Cullen: I want to kill you.

Bella: I trust you.

————————— vs ———————————–

Edward Cullen: I want to kill you.

Normal Person:

Those Mean Chicks in the Hall

Don’t you hate it when you’re walking down the hall and Mrs. Ghettofabulous comes out of nowhere like

since she assumes people are automatically going to clear a path for her, she bumps into you like

And you’re like

And she flips out on you for “getting in her way” like

And you’re just like

and she gets angrier and flips out at you even more like

and you’re all

Finally she shuts up and walks away like

and you walk away like