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The Lion King: Simba and Nala Relationship Talk

Jungle Truth, Yo….

Princess Googlie Eyes (GIFS)



Maurice was Raving…


Disney Face Swaps

These all exist in parallel universes…

Disney Stained Glass

House of Mouse is a place of worship and reverence

Petal Shower

Disney Thornberry Surprises

BONUS: This one is from the movie Cool World (not a Disney production):


Making friends at parties

doing it…right?

Disney Zodiac

  • ARIES (Jasmine) willful, feisty, independent
  • TAURUS (Belle) creative, loyal, dependable
  • GEMINI (Alice) curious, childlike, talkative
  • CANCER (Cinderella) cautious, nurturing, empathetic
  • LEO (Charlotte) provocative, demanding, flamboyant
  • VIRGO (Tiana) realistic, knowledgeable, modest
  • LIBRA (Mulan) intellectual, easygoing, indecisive
  • SCORPIO (Pocahontas) intense, secretive, passionate
  • SAGITTARIUS (Rapunzel) adventurous, spirited, happy
  • CAPRICORN (Aurora) respectful, devoted, classy
  • AQUARIUS (Ariel) idealistic, rebellious, open minded
  • PISCES (Snow White) dreamy, compassionate, kind