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Google delivers

thanks, internet

High School Girls

There’s the sluts who think they’re really hot:

Then there is the overly-sensitive, dramatic girls that will cry over anything:

The stuck up girls that think they’re better than everyone else:

Then there is the girls who are always hyper and annoying:

Then we have the fake girls. The one’s that will be nice to your face but talk about you behind your back:

And I’m just there like:

Tattoos Are…Trashy?

Salt or Pepper? Who you got?

Angelina Jolie as the secret spy action chick Salt? or Iron Mans Pepper Potts?

Bikini girl casting fight


girl with super long tongue

Birdblock: new parental control pet

no porn for you

Prostitution is bad, but you gotta admit they dress nice

prostitution protestors in sluttly little outfits