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Celebrity Pokemon Evolutions

Charlie Day on why you should not just “do what makes you happy”…

Recognize this guy?

You may know him as the loser underachiever from¬†Always Sunny in Philadelphia but he’s about to drop some knowledge on you…

The true key to happiness may be not pursuing only what you think will make you happy…


Do they make a cute couple?

You know you would watch their sex tape…

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Whats she up to these days?

oh….oh my

How celebrity kids get back at their hero-actor dad

Act-Char Evolution

The Douglas-Sheen Double Man

Passing the torch

Brangelina on the Prowl

“Keep Up, You Feeble Cripple. The Smell Of Virgin Blood Is Coming From Over Here.”

Tim Curries

which is your favorite flavor?