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Artist paints people as flags eating their national food

Art is wonderful

Is this Art?

As a visual narrative 66 scener fra America is reminiscent of a pile of postcards from a journey, which indeed is what the film is. It consists of a series of lengthy shots of a tableau nature, each appearing to be a more or less random cross section of American reality, but which in total invoke a highly emblematic picture of the USA. With the one travelling shot (through a car windscreen) and one pan (across a landscape) the tableau principle is only breached on two occasions; exceptions that prove the rule, so to speak. The images or postcards may be viewed as a number of interlaced chains of motifs, varying from ultra close up to super wide, include pictures of landscapes, highways and advertising hoardings, buildings seen from without, mostly with a fluttering Stars and Stripes somewhere in the shot, objects such as coins on a counter, refrigerator with a number of typical food products, a plate of food at a diner or a bottle of Wild Turkey, and finally, people who introduce …

One of the scenes, featured below, shows Andy Warhol taking 4 minutes to eat a hamburger.
Via the filmmaker Jørgen Leth:

[Warhol] is told that he has to say his name and that he should do so when he has finished performing his action, but what happens is that the action takes a very long time to perform; it’s simply agonizing. I have to admit that I personally adore that, because its a pure homage to Warhol. It couldn’t be more Warholesque. That’s of course why he agreed to do it.

Spring Switch

Street art in Germany

Music is Life


Skeleton Molestation Art… or something


Birds of Pray


Fast Food Mafia

They will kill you with clogged arteries.

Robocop riding a unicorn

My pet Rex Skeleton

going for a stroll in a field.

Paper person lives in paper room

paper person in a paper room