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Pixar Lamp Costume


Monster Attack

Alone. Depressed. In Clown Makeup.

Fake Friends

“Oh hi, I only exist when you need something.”

Thinky Space Suit

Helps cosmically good ideas flourish

Bomb Surprise

Do do do do do do do do doooooo.

Citizens of the Mall…

All the rich girls strutting with their shopping bags like:

All the stoner guys hogging the benches looking like:

All the ghetto girls talking loud like:

All the mean girls staring down everyone else like:

All the pervy old men are staring at you like:

And then there’s me.

Agnes’ Emotions

From Despicable Me:






Rocker Baby is Whatever

It’s cool bra. just partyin in mah diaper.

Undoing Doodle Baby

It’s funny cuz her name isn’t really Mertle.