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Baby praying mantis

baby mantis

Spiderlizard is on the lookout for crime

Exotic animal seller Karen Baker said orders on the WEB are surging for the blue and red lizards. They come from African countries, including Kenya, and live for more than 15 years.

She said: “We’ve sold out. We should get another batch in October. The demand just keeps going up and up.”

And Rich Nunn, 35, of Birmingham’s Nostalgia and Comics, was amazed by the resemblance. He said: “It is unbelievably similar.”

Cat snatches bat

This video is PROOF that bats are rats with wings. So called “scientists” claim that that is an inaccurate myth, but BAM. check THIS out why dont youz.

The kitty eyes its winged prey and in a single springy pounce, grabs the damn thing right out of the air, and descends to the earth with lunch obtained.

The cat then proceeds to give the cameraman a “ya? wussupz?” expression as it goes about its kitty business of being awesomes.

You’ll see that the cat even appears to be lifted for a second (a full one-Mississippi!) by its victim in the air before taking it down.

The landing is also a touch rough, but gets pulled off well enough.

Because i know you’re interested: the eating….

Monkeys know stuff


Cooperation & Fairness

mmm? oh hai


Opera Seal


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Manatee bumps into glass


Sleeping Baby Pigs React To Sounds

I shouldn’t have had the salmon


Hungry snake fail

snake eating itself