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E-I E-I Yoga

If that cow didn’t remind us to breathe, Idk what we would do.

26 Jokes For The Intellectual Mind

How many did you understand??…

WATCH Kids Getting the Sex Talk from their Parents for the First Time

The other 2 food pyramid combo’s (i.e.: your real diet)

So much truth…

Is this the most tastefully-executed Disney theme wedding yet?

¬†When you think “Theme Wedding”, you think of a couple in Star Trek costumes exchanging logical vows.

But I think this adorable couple found just the right balance for a theme wedding–executing it with taste and peppering it with clever references.

check out how the bowtie matches the dress

heh…i love the meme reference

what an awesome table


a perfect end to a perfect day


This is what we all look like

Sunlight reflecting chromosomes on a wall.

Deep down, our code varies so painfully slightly, but looks the same.

The best way to see the forest

View from a leaf

…is from inside a leaf.

Be like a pachyderm


When someone falls, don’t hesitate to pick them up, cuz the next person who falls could be you…

Evolution from Savannah-Cow to Long-Horse

Scientifically accurate!

Just How Special You Are…

A reminder…