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CNN to Obama: Our viewers don’t want Wright ?s. OK with you?

Way to fight accusations of bias or evidence that you’re in the tank for the candidate you’re interviewing by saying “I’m not going to ask you any questions on this tough and uncomfortable subject and I want you to know this before we start the interview. Is that okay sir?”. Jesus…
Obama handled it with exactly the kind of grace he should have. He didn’t laugh or do anything obnoxious like nod vigorously – he just says “fair enough” and goes on – even though “fair enough” is something you usually say when someone contradicts or playfully combats something you said, not gives you a present like this. but whatever.

The reverend Wright issue continues to poll as a topic that voters actually DO care about a great deal, so the anchor (John Roberts) was purely injecting his own “I’m sick of this” feelings and claiming it was a public sentiment. Which is… odd, since it coincides with the talking point that official Obama surrogates are going on the cable news shows saying. hmm.

My favorite part though? The fact that they labeled this segment “Obama Unfiltered”.

Full interview is here if you’re interested – with the “Obama Unfiltered” tag conveniently deleted. They talk about a gas tax holiday, Iran, and Sen. Clinton.

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