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Microsoft Awkward Advertising Win

“Everyone Has A Song Inside” and Microsoft will help you bring it out. or something. This cringe-tastic infomercial has gone viral and gotten a ton of buzz, which is what advertising is supposed to do, so mission accomplished in that department. However, there are many factors in this video that tip off the viewer that the awkward awfulness of the video was NOT intentional.

We start out in a kitchen where a man thinks aloud on his inability to come up with a jingle for a kick ass product that we wished existed when he hears his daughter singing at her Apple Macbook (wtf?). This prompts him to sing back for some reason and learn how awesome Microsoft Research’s (cuz regular Microsoft doesn’t come out with new things ever) new program is.

You can download the demo at http://research.microsoft.com/songsmith/
Clearly its awesomeness cannot be denied when you see such improvements as below when only the vocals of a pre-existing song is fed into Songsmith:

*sigh. if only the Beatles had Microsoft!

‘White Wedding’ by Billy Idol:

‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor:

Okay, one more:

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