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Mcdonalds AppleTree Commercial music by Jason Roberts

Tree Commercial
Song: Apple Tree by Justin Roberts

Apple Tree (from the album Great Big Sun) is Justin’s very first family CD. Many of the songs were written while Justin was daytime moonlighting at a Montessori school while his indie-folk band were rocking out at night.

Justin Roberts – Apple Tree Lyrics
I am a little apple seed
Sitting on the ground waiting to be
An ap—ple tree, an ap—ple tree

Everyone tells me that I’m oh so small
And I’m never gonna grow to be
big and tall, big and tall

but I tell them wait and see . . .

I’m gonna be like an apple tree
I’m gonna let all my branches run free
I’m gonna reach way up to the sun and
Open my arms for everyone

And like an apple is sweet I’m gonna be so sweet
And like an apple shines in the sun (apple shines in the sun)
I shine my light on everyone
‘Cause I’ m an a-p-p-l-e, apple tree an a-p–p-l-e

It features simple yet infectious songs like “Little Raindrop,” “If You Got 1,” and “Great Big Sun.” This is an intimate and folky affair, sure to become a soundtrack to your family’s life. A modern-day classic.
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Song: Apple Tree by Justin Roberts
Release: August 24, 2001 (from the album Great Big Sun)
Label: Carpet Square
Copyright: 1997 Justin Roberts

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