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Inovations in Gaming! circa 1990

A look at the Genesis on the tv show the Computer Chronicles. The GeneWHATchusay?? It’s a new video game console competing with Nintendo! It’s better than playing games on a computer because all the power in the machine is for gaming speed and quality only. Woot! or not woot cuz woot hasn’t been invented yet, but definitely HORRAY! This fresh cool device is no Super Mario bullshit. hoooo-no. The characters are bigger and can actually talk with digitized voices! Where as in the lame-o 90’s you were stuck playing as an Italian plumber jumping on walking mushrooms, NOW you can become Michael Jackson and moonwalk your way into gangster hideouts to kick but with flair as you save kidnapped children and win them as prizes. HE he heeee! Just look at how detailed the backgrounds are. Why, those numbers of bricks in that wall are practically uncountable!

If that kind of thing aint your bag though, hoooold on, cuz we gotz Mickey bay-beeee! that’s right. Mickey fucking MOUSE. Suck on THAT NintenDONT. This game has brilliantly colorful blue doors and air humping action and – WHOAH! whats that? lolz!! Mickey lost his balance on the edge of that cliff. Bra-vo Sega Genesis. Bra. vah vickitidy bing bang VO…

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