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Paper Shredder low power mode

In order to function properly a paper shredder needs to rest for 18 hours per day

5 Hypnotically Intense GIFs of Women JAMMING HARD

5… This enthusiastic purple Cosplayer’s locomotion shimmy

4… That time Marge Simpson busted major moves

3… The hardcore eye contact and facial expression combo of this dynamic duo

2… These ravers mastering the artful control of losing control

1… The aggressive determination in the intensity of this girls jam… bravo…

(video: https://youtu.be/cKOCpSTxPmk)

Somewhere, Ross Gheller is smiling (bonus) ~

Heartbreak Scissors

Celebrity Pokemon Evolutions

Can you see the evil in these maniacal shoes?


Customized Boredom Cup

26 Jokes For The Intellectual Mind

How many did you understand??…

The other 2 food pyramid combo’s (i.e.: your real diet)

So much truth…

Is this the most tastefully-executed Disney theme wedding yet?

¬†When you think “Theme Wedding”, you think of a couple in Star Trek costumes exchanging logical vows.

But I think this adorable couple found just the right balance for a theme wedding–executing it with taste and peppering it with clever references.

check out how the bowtie matches the dress

heh…i love the meme reference

what an awesome table


a perfect end to a perfect day


This is what we all look like

Sunlight reflecting chromosomes on a wall.

Deep down, our code varies so painfully slightly, but looks the same.