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Family Two-Faces: Freaky Deaky Photos of Relatives Edited as 1 Person

Harvey Dent on the outside. These photos are fascinating. Remember that the title appears at the top of each picture (it gets easy to lose track of whether the descriptions are for the picture before or after it, so just keep in mind it is after)…

Copy Cat…

Best puppet show i’ve seen

The Scared is Scared of things you like

A 6-year-old’s crafted story told in movie form and brought to life.?The point of the story is that you don’t really wanna go when something is closing cuz then you’ll have to wait to go back there.

How to pull a live cat out of a laptop

This video editing expert excellently executes some exemplary electronically manipulated elements in this e-compilation of his best:

Jinx Girl

Jinx from League of Legends, via https://www.facebook.com/JesmineCosplay

Kid Photobombs Mallet Sodomy in Bikini Chick Pic

He knows exactly what he’s doing…