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Gif: Dominos Small to Large

This Gif is a visual reminder that the small can start chain reactions that topple the big

Can you spot what’s odd about this pack of shoe laces?

This pack of shoelaces only shows pictures of shoes that do not require laces.

Naked woman at a rock concert…oh wait

Sexy wrist will fool your eyes

Proposal story turns into a “choose your own adventure” ending

For some reason, this gentleman uploaded a long description of his proposal story with his picture of it to an image hosting website. The problem is that the site is not made for story telling in text form, it is made for uploading and sharing images. Thus, his description was cut off in the title and the commenters had a good time continuing what they decided he meant, ultimately ruining or perfecting (depending on your perspective) his nice story.

Map Reminder: There is plenty of space on earth for more people

There is also plenty of space on the moon as this map of the US scaled to its surface reveals:

Coffee Dad’s dark twitter turn…

August was a tough month for coffee dad…

Best of: Poorly Drawn Lines Comics

Jetpacks are awesome:

Mocking dog:

Summer fun:


Best dad:

Killing animalzes….


Cap’n Pass-out

More creative shamings

Every Action/Fantasy Movie in 1 trailer

Epic awesomeness? Or silly illustration of how movie trailers are cut? Can’t it be both?

Click here for the list of 100 different movies found in the video.

Rhyming is fun