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Best Friends and Girlfriends




Vaders Death Heart

The Real Heart of the Ocean

Their love was doomed from the start.

When a Guy Realizes How Old a Girl is

Shes under 18.


Shes 18-20.

Shes in her 20s

Shes in her 30s

Shes in her 40s

Shes over 50?

Bieber Girls

This ones not bad…

But if you REALLY want your mind blown, feast your peepers on this…

Pikachewie, I choose you!

This animated series would be a huge hit and you know it…

Lost Thoughts Direction Tree

That’s why I always carry a brain-compass.

Flavored water Dispenser

Flavored water? Looks like the international signs for snow and bacon to me!

Parry Hotter

Windmill Faces

Windmills of your mind