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The rule of Pants

Salem Fashion

sabrina the teenage witch cat

A cat for all occasions.

I got you this Bouquet of Pussy Willows

To cheer you up.

Dora is not being raised properly

A monkey is not a proper guardian.. Her future looks grim…

It’s conceivable she could go Lara Croft like and become a badass hottie:

But I think we all know her future is a lot more likely to turn out…differently..

Citizens of the Mall…

All the rich girls strutting with their shopping bags like:

All the stoner guys hogging the benches looking like:

All the ghetto girls talking loud like:

All the mean girls staring down everyone else like:

All the pervy old men are staring at you like:

And then there’s me.

Space Wobble

Stare at this for at least 2 minutes and you will expirience something magical.

Spiders are like elephants

they never forget

High School Reactions

You see your best friend

You see the girl who thinks she’s your best friend

You see the girl you never got along with

You see the girl that chopped her hair off

Then you tell your best friend about them

You see the “popular girl”

You see your favorite teacher

You see the couple making out by the lockers

You see the “new student”

But it turns out they’ve been in your grade since preschool

You see “him”

Then you see his new girlfriend

Being a Girl on the Internet

Hard out there for a person with bewbs.