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Alone. Depressed. In Clown Makeup.

Girls taking pictures

When girls take a picture of their friends they act all shy like:

But when theyre home alone theyre all like:

Warning Before it’s too late

Helpful and humorous. why can’t all signs take note? “Stop ahead” just isn’t as amusing.

Fake Friends

“Oh hi, I only exist when you need something.”

Hand written Picto-sex Note

kid sex note

Kids write the darndest things…

Compliments vs Self Image

When people tell me “you’re looking cute today” at school

respond like

Then i walk off like

but in my head I’m like…Was I ugly yesterday?

The Lords gifts

Salt, sugar, fat and saturated oily grease fat = Heaven (in recipe form)

Thinky Space Suit

Helps cosmically good ideas flourish

Bomb Surprise

Do do do do do do do do doooooo.

Picture Face Enhancements

Make people more interesting.