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Jesse Eisenberg’s SNL Bumpers


Fall? What fall? I didn’t fall…

Covering up an otherwise embarrassing drop to the ground should be an Olympic sport.

Train Jumping

Train jumping without the train? Dude comes an inch form busting his face and pulls off a springboard of awesome.

Those Mean Chicks in the Hall

Don’t you hate it when you’re walking down the hall and Mrs. Ghettofabulous comes out of nowhere like

since she assumes people are automatically going to clear a path for her, she bumps into you like

And you’re like

And she flips out on you for “getting in her way” like

And you’re just like

and she gets angrier and flips out at you even more like

and you’re all

Finally she shuts up and walks away like

and you walk away like

Tattoos Are…Trashy?

Undoing Doodle Baby

It’s funny cuz her name isn’t really Mertle.

Brave Penguin is waking your napz

Galileo knows how to party

The only sad part about this is that when Tio Cruz’s Dy-no-mite song gets forgotten by history, this will no longer be hilarious 🙁

Kitties in a Fishbowl

Whenever i’m feeling sad i always think of kitties in a fishbowl.

Slap Fight

When T-Rexasaurz disagree but aint mad enough to bite eachothers heads offs.