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Archive → December, 2010

C3P-Oh My…

Because tape just isn’t as sticky when it doesnt come from the crotch of everyones favorite protocol droid.

Insane in the Brain

Repetition with a naive and unrealistic expectation.

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a joyous Merry Scary Bunnymonster hug thing on this fine December night.

Another Christmas…Alone

Robocop riding a unicorn

Over and under

Beauty any way you slice it

Spider dances with reflection

Savage Caring

He cares so much that he will maul you to death and eat your heart just so he can feel your love inside him.

Emo Alpaca doesn’t care

It’s all just whatever. cut him or let him shag out. Life will still continue to be just a joke that he doesn’t find funny. Posers…

Invention All Stars

Great gifts from great minds.