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Info Graphs

Dead dad nipple sucker

Just having a seat… ?_?

weird look as guy sits down

Tired ride home

Antiques Roadshow: old guy with Navajo blanket

Third Place in the Antiques Roadshow Top Ten Items: Formerly the most valuable appraisal to ever appear on the U.S. broadcast of the Antiques Roadshow, but knocked into 2nd place in January 2009, and then into 3rd place in January 2010. This hand-woven Navajo Ute First Phase wearing blanket is a representation of the very beginnings of Navajo textile creation. This national treasure sat on the back of a chair for generations.

Poncho super ad

Prime number paper taker

The Waterbird: an aqua pogo Jetski

It’s better than a boat. It’s better than a jet ski. Now you can fly above the water on the Waterbird! With your feet on the platform and your hands on the handles, simply hop up and down to propel yourself forward. The hydrofoils lift the waterbird above the water, allowing you to move much faster than any other human-powered watercraft. Madewith aircraft aluminum and fiberglass. With the waterbird, you can ride on waves, race your friends, and even try new tricks! Any way you use it, the waterbird is both a lot of fun and a great way to exercise.

35mm – Abstract Movie Images

»35mm« is a shortfilm about cinema itself. We picked 35 of our favorite movies and tried to simplifly them as far as possible. The outcome is a 2 minute journey through the history of film.

Singing In The Rain
Full Metal Jacket
The Gold Rush
The Wizard Of Oz – The Red Shoes
Taxi Driver
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Strangers On A Train
Gone With The Wind
Snow White
The Blues Brothers
Star Wars
Pulp Fiction
The Exorcist – The Omen
North By Northwest
Toy Story
Fight Club
Modern Times
A Clockwork Orange
Sleepless in Seattle – Groundhog Day
Mad Max – Lost Highway
The Great Dictator
Rear Window
Citizen Kane
The Tin Drum
Drácula – Nosferatu
?????????? ???????? – The Untouchables
Apollo 13 – A Trip To The Moon
Easy Rider

Slow motion destruction

Various of objects being smashed and film at Slow Motion.