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Where do rainbows come from?

rainbow mouth pour

He wouldn’t think this was so funny if he knew where that rainbow came from…….

rainbow poop waterfall

It appears you have a person falling out of your stomach

Why are lesbians called dykes?

The origin of the term is obscure, and many theories have been proposed. The OED dates the first recorded use of dike, dyke in 1942, in Berrey and Van den Bark’s American Thesaurus of Slang. But the term bulldyker, from which dyke may be a shortened form, was first printed in 1920s novels connected with the Harlem Renaissance. For example, in the 1928 novel Home to Harlem, Claude McKay wrote: “[Lesbians are] what we calls bulldyker in Harlem. … I don’t understan’ … a bulldyking woman.” (The term is unattested in the OED.) From the context of the novel, the word was considered crude and pejorative at the time. There are several theories concerning the origin of bulldyker. One is that it arose as an abbreviation of morphadike, a dialect variant of hermaphrodite, a common term for homosexuals in the early twentieth century. This in turn may be related to the possible late-nineteenth century use of dyke (meaning ditch) as slang for the vulva. Bull is also a common expression for “masculine” or “aggressive” (as in “bullish”), so bulldyke implied “masculine woman.” According to another theory, bulldyker was a term used for bulls whose purpose it was to impregnate cows. Just as the word “stud” was first used for such a purpose and was later used for sexually promiscuous men or for others in reference to a man who was successful with women, the terms “bulldyker” and “bulldagger” were also taken from their original context and used for the same purpose. A man who was a great lover or successful with women was called a “bulldyker.” “Bulldyking woman” and “bulldyker” became terms for women who looked like a “bulldyker,” a male stud, and were assumed to perform the role, as well.

In Another Mother Tongue, Judy Grahn proposed that the word bulldyke might have arisen from the name of the Celtic queen Boadicea, but this theory is implausible.

That “Dike” is the name of the ancient Greek goddess of moral justice, and that its use to denote a wall or bank built to contain water or enclose a separate land dates back to the 1st millennium BCE, shows a very long, deeply rooted history of positive meaning applicable to women and to woman’s power, despite the modern day suggested etymology of a misstatement of the Greek term “hermaphrodite.”

Minimum Wage Im Guessing?

Why do dogs sometimes eat poop?

Coprophagia, or “poop eating”, is a behavior often observed in dogs. Hofmeister, Cumming, and Dhein (2001) wrote that this behavior in dogs has not been well-researched and prepared a study.[1] In a preliminary paper, they write that there are various hypotheses for this behavior in canines, although none have been proven:

* Dogs might want attention from their caretakers.
* They might have anxiety or stress or worry about being punished for bad behaviors.
* They had been punished for having defecated in the past, and attempt to clean up out of fear of being punished again.
* Dog are, by nature, scavengers, and this might be within the range of scavenger behavior.
* They may be trying to prevent the scent from attracting predators.
* The texture and temperature of fresh feces approximates that of regurgitated food, which is how mothers in the wild provide solid food to their pups.
* Feces (particularly cat feces) contain protein; overfeeding can also increase the quantity of undigested matter in the feces.
* The coprophagia may be due to assorted health problems, including:
* Pancreatitis
* Intestinal infections
* Food allergies, leading to malabsorption
* The dogs might be hungry, such as when eating routines are changed, food is withheld, or nutrients are not properly absorbed.
* Carnivores may sometimes eat or roll in the feces of their prey to ingest and exude scents that mask their own.

Another hypothesis is that dogs want to investigate the diet of their opponents and get more acquainted with their smell.

Some veterinarians recommend adding meat tenderizer to dog food, as this makes the feces taste excessively bad to dogs. Several companies produce food additives that can also be added to the animal’s food to make feces taste bad. Often, these food additives will contain Capsicum Oleoresin, which gives off a repugnant odor making the fecal matter undesirable to the dog.

Oh, sorry

Funny lookin cops

animal cops and drugs

Animal electronic uses

this clip has got them all: kittens? Check. Puppies? Check. Hamsters? Check. The cutest bunnies in the world?

Cat snatches bat

This video is PROOF that bats are rats with wings. So called “scientists” claim that that is an inaccurate myth, but BAM. check THIS out why dont youz.

The kitty eyes its winged prey and in a single springy pounce, grabs the damn thing right out of the air, and descends to the earth with lunch obtained.

The cat then proceeds to give the cameraman a “ya? wussupz?” expression as it goes about its kitty business of being awesomes.

You’ll see that the cat even appears to be lifted for a second (a full one-Mississippi!) by its victim in the air before taking it down.

The landing is also a touch rough, but gets pulled off well enough.

Because i know you’re interested: the eating….