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Musical Wedding Toast to Amy

So this is what happens when your close friends are theater performers and one of them is in charge of doing the toast at your wedding… Stick with it after the first 2 minutes of a sluggish build up. I’m not saying you’ll love what you see after that, but… you’ll at least see what its all about. No in between on this one. You’ll either think it’s the most beautiful magical assembly of loved ones at a sacred event you’ve ever seen, or you’re gonna thank God this wasn’t your wedding…

Sleeping dog runs into wall

I do this every night… every… frigging… night…

Those silly women drivers

The Simpsons – NEW Main Title

The Simpsons will hence forth be broadcast for the first time in high definition (HD) so we can now fully appreciate the clarity of its yellow skinned characters in their non-complex 2D environment they live in. More details we’re too lazy to type:

Many of the key scenes, and the basic plot, remain untouched.

Bart skateboards recklessly; Homer displays a fine disregard for nuclear safety; Lisa waltzes out of school band practice playing the saxophone.

But Matt Groening, the show’s creator, has crammed dozens of new characters and in-jokes into the updated sequence, which runs to two minutes and makes a range of topical changes to life in Springfield.

In a nod to the economic climate, the price of Marge’s supermarket shop has doubled from $243.26 to $486.52, while her sisters, Patti and Selma push a trolley full of cigarettes behind her in the checkout queue.

Lisa’s classmates are shown playing on Nintendo DS machines. Bart’s journey home is interrupted by Apu, the Indian shopkeeper, who forces him to take evasive action by stepping on to the pavement with his eight newborn children.

The premiere episode, titled “Take My Life, Please” (20×10), also makes references to HDTV in the Chalkboard gag when Bart Simpson writes “HDTV is worth every cent” on the chalkboard.

This will be the first major permanent change to the show’s introduction since its launch in 1989; previous changes have included variations in the duration of the intro, and special one-shot introductions for the Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes. This new intro also includes some 3D animation when the camera pans over Springfield at the beginning. BUT – What happens in that split second pan at the end? *This*

(click for full res pic)

This episode is not quite the first time The Simpsons has appeared in HD, as The Simpsons Movie was rendered in HD.

Fox will broadcast The Simpsons in 720p and will now letterbox the show on their standard definition feed.

Happy Valentines Steak Heart


Nothing says I love you like…nah. I’m not gonna finish that sentence. there are LOTS of things that express love equally or – day I say – MORE effectively than a heart shaped slab of meat.

Cat spanking

Circuit City makes a classy exit. by scamming you

CBS Saturday Morning Commercials 1991

1. Fido Dido bumper (Slippers)
2. Credits to “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures (with Hanna-Barbera Flintstones First 30 Years logo)”
3. Froot Loops (Dream)
4. Fido Dido bumper (Ball)
5. “Morton & Hayes” Promo
6. CBS 1991 ID (This is CBS)
7. Galley Cabinets
8. WPEC TV12 ID (Doppler WeatherNet)
9. Fido Dido Bumper (Notebook Paper)
10. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Where in the World is Wendell?)
11. “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey”
12. Flintstones Push-ups.
13. Fido Dido Bumper (Notebook Paper 2)
14. Fido Dido Bumper (underwater)
15. Post Fruity Pebbles (Super Fruity Zone)
16. “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” toys.
17. Mini Chips Ahoy.
18. “Muppet Babies” Promo
19. “Rescue 911” Promo
20. Fido Dido Bumper (Pocket)
21. Fido Dido Bumper (Photo Booth)
22. Cheerios
23. Crayola Crayons and Markers
24. McDonald’s (101 Dalmations)
25. Fido Dido Bumper (Photo Booth 2)
26. Grosso Jacobson Productions and Pee-Wee Pictures logos.
27. Fido Dido Bumper (Puddle)
28. Dino Pebbles
29. Fido Dido Bumper (Orange Tree)
30. CBS 1991 ID
31. TV12 & You

1. Fido Dido Bumper (TV Antenna)
2. Barbie Hawaiian Ice Party
3. Crunch Berries (Now brighter)
4. Super Nintendo (A bit more…)
5. Fisher-Price (Surprises)
6. “Back to the Future” Promo
7. “The Girl with the Crazy Brother” Promo
8. “Major Dad” Promo (The Look is CBS)
9. Fido Dido Bumper (TV Remote)
10. Fido Dido Bumper (Hammock)
11. Twinkling Thumbelina
12. “Fievel Goes West” Commercial
13. Frosted Flakes (Eye of the Tiger)
14. Fido Dido Bumper (gARField)
15. “Claymation Christmas Celebration” Promo
16. CBS Olympic ID (This is CBS)
17. WPEC Doppler 12 Weatherschool
18. Publix
19. Eckerd (Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary)
20. WPEC TV12 ID (Project Thanksgiving)
21. Fido Dido Bumper (Light Bulb)
22. Baby Oh-no
23. Mr. Potato Head
24. McDonald’s (Her House)
25. Home Alone VHS (with Pepsi rebate offer)
26. Addams Family Cereal
27. Fido Dido Bumper (Midair Couch)
28. Fido Dido Bumper (Dots)
29. Fisher-Price (Heroes)
30. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (House of Mirrors)
31. Barbie Hawaiian Ice Party
32. Fido Dido Bumper (Dots 2)

1. Garfield and Friends Bumper
2. Fido Dido Bumper (Swing)
3. “The Little Mermaid” Talking Ariel Doll
4. Campbell’s Dinosaur Soup
5. Post Honey-Comb
6. “Circus of the Stars” Promo
7. “Grimmy” Promo
8. Fido Dido Bumper (Swing 2)
9. Fido Dido Bumper (Fishing)
10. Fisher-Price (Our Work is Child’s Play)
11. “Fievel Goes West” commercial
12. Crayola Crayons and Markers
13. Tonka Cupcakes
14. Fido Dido Bumper (Leap Frog)
15. Fido Dido Bumper (Filmstrip)
16. Tyco Magic Bottle Baby
17. Frosted Flakes (Eye of the Tiger)
18. Tiger Ducktales and Talespin LCD Games
19. “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Promo
20. “Brooklyn Bridge” Promo (The Look is CBS)
21. Fido Dido Bumper (Pogo Stick)
22. Fido Dido Bumper (Shower)
23. Where’s Waldo World Game and Waldo Doll
24. Addams Family Cereal
25. M.C. Hammer Doll
26. McDonald’s (A Day in the Life 30sec ver.)
27. Fido Dido Bumper (Paint)
28. “Mother Goose and Grimm” credits (with Film Roman logo)