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Movie enthusiast chart

A cup of Cat

They see me rollin alright

they see me rollin. they hatin. on my rolling pin.

Indeed they hatin. on my rolling pin. that i use for baking pies. and cakes. sometimes cookies. a scone or two. what’s to hate? or is it cuz I’m a fat fatty fatter fattish? cuz why hate on the fats yo? Santa is fat. do you hate Santa? no. because he gives you stuff. Well guess what bitches? I give you delicious baked goods. well, I make them and have them readily available that is… weather or not you’re fast enough to actually get any for yourself is a matter of your own speed and agility. So really, you should be hating on your own shortcomings, hmm?
Check. mate. pies.

Babies are delicious

babies are delish

Shopping carts of the future

At least its not in America…yet.

News: Japan churns out some pretty weird stuff


The song Ingenuity from the 1981 film Around The World With Dot.
Not to be taken seriously by anyone whose sanity is still intact.

Don’t drink and drive